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About Us

Just facts, no opinions.

What is NewsPura?

NewsPura is a nonprofit organization that provides Purely Factual news. We curate the most important news stories of the day in real time and summarize the facts without any political slant, bias or opinion.

Why did you create NewsPura?

Over the last several years, I've noticed that the major news media outlets have grown to be more and more slanted and focus primarily on sensationalism and opinion rather than fact. In the mornings, I would find myself visiting multiple websites with opposing views just to try and discern the actual "facts" of the story.

Our mission and promise to you:

We curate what we consider to be the top stories of the day. There will be no "clickbait" headlines on this site, nor will there be feel-good fluff pieces about "a three legged dog that learns to surf". We understand people enjoy that sort of thing, this isn't the place for that.


This site is geared towards individuals who wish to be informed about the major news stories of the day in a succinct, purely factual manner. Bullet points are favored over extended prose. I hope you enjoy the site.

- D Brit, Founder of

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