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3 Police Officers Shot While Responding to a Call in Texas - Updated

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

What Happened:

  • According to a tweet from the police department, three officers in Cedar Park, Texas, were shot while responding to a call at a home on Sunday.

  • The officers are in stable condition at a local hospital. One was shot in the arm, another in the chest (but was wearing a Kevlar vest) and the third had a bullet graze their head.

  • The suspect is barricaded in the home and multiple law enforcement agencies are on the scene.

  • UPDATE: The 19 hour standoff ended peacefully early Monday after extended negotiations. The suspect exited the home with his third and final hostage after having released the other two earlier. Of the wounded officers, two were released from the hospital on Monday in good condition, the third has entered surgery and remains in the hospital.

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Photo Credit: F. Muhammad

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