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4 Killed in Terrorist Attack in Vienna, Austria

What's Happening:

  • On Monday evening, several shooters with automatic weapons opened fire in six locations throughout Vienna, Austria in a coordinated terror attack that resulted in four deaths and at least 17 injuries.

  • One of the shooters, who was shot and killed by the police, had a previous terror conviction for attempting to join the Islamic State extremist group in Syria and had served 22 months in prison before being granted early release in December.

  • Police have arrested several other people as well, according to Interior Minister Karl Nehammer.

  • Said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, "Yesterday’s attack was clearly an Islamist terror attack...It was an attack out of hatred — hatred for our fundamental values, hatred for our way of life, hatred for our democracy in which all people have equal rights and dignity."

  • A manhunt continues to be underway as at least two attackers are believed to still be on the run.

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