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8 Killed, Several Wounded in a Mass Shooting at a FedEx Facility in Indianapolis

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

What Happened:

  • On Thursday night, 8 people were killed and several more were wounded in a late-night mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis. The shooter took their own life at the end of the rampage.

  • Police responded to reports of an active shooter situation at around 11 PM. The gunman took his own life shortly after police arrival.

  • Officials have not yet identified the name of the gunman as investigators are currently conducting interviews and gathering information. Motive for the shooting is unknown.

  • This is the latest in a string of mass shootings that has plagued the US for the last several weeks and the third mass shooting in Indianapolis just this year.

  • Several politicians have been calling for stricter gun control in the hopes of reducing these types of tragedies.

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