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Acting DHS Secretary Wolf Resigns Citing Recent Court Rulings

What Happened:

  • On Monday, Acting Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, announced his resignation citing “recent events“ such as the court rulings saying he could not legally hold the position.

  • Wolf has been serving as acting Secretary since November, 2019 but was never confirmed by the Senate.

  • His departure comes after several other Trump cabinet members recently resigned because they were angered with Trump’s role in seeming to encourage the Pro-Trump riot at the Capitol building. On Monday, the House also introduced an article of impeachment for Trump for “incitement of insurrection.”

  • Wolf’s sudden departure comes as the nation faces a heightened risk of domestic terrorism from extremists seeking to reverse the results of November’s Presidential election. In an internal memo obtained from the FBI on Monday, it was revealed that armed protests are planned in all 50 states on or before President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan 20.

Photo Source: DHS

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