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Astra-Zeneca Vaccine Suspended In Several European Countries Over Blood Clot Concerns

What Happened:

  • Several European nations have suspended use of Astra-Zeneca's Covid-19 vaccine over concerns of potential subsequent health complications such as blood clots.

  • Denmark, Iceland and Norway were some of the first to halt use of the vaccine last week. Thailand, Bulgaria, Germany, France, and Italy have also suspended use of the vaccine pending further investigation.

  • Astra-Zeneca has said there is no data that suggests a link between their vaccine and any serious side effects. The European Union and the World Health Organization backed up that claim last week saying there is no evidence that the vaccine is causing blood clots.

  • Cheaper to manufacture and easier to distribute than other vaccines, more than 70 countries had been using the Astra-Zeneca vaccine until last week.

Photo Source: pixabay

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