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Blackout at Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility

What Happened:

  • On Sunday, Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility lost power just a few hours after starting up its new centrifuges which are capable of enriching uranium more quickly.

  • Iranian officials are investigating the cause of the blackout, however, Israeli media has been speculating that it may have been caused by a cyber-attack. Iranian nuclear program spokesman Kamalvandi declined to comment when asked if a technical defect or sabotage caused the shutdown. However, Iranian energy committee spokesman Niasar called the incident “very suspicious.”

  • Some media outlets are speculating that Israel itself is behind the attack. Israel is Iran’s local enemy and is largely considered to be responsible for an explosion that occurred at the Natanz site back in July. Israel has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

  • Either way, this may complicate US efforts to re-enter the atomic accord with Iran, as the US is Israel’s main security partner. The accord is aimed at limiting Iran’s nuclear program so it does not develop nuclear weapons.

  • US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin landed in Israel on Sunday for talks with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

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Photo Source: Pixabay

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