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CDC Updates Guidance Again: Covid-19 Can Spread By Breathing

Latest Updates with the Coronavirus:

  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention updated the guidance on their website to confirm that Covid-19 can commonly spread "through respiratory droplets" which can be created when people "cough, sneeze, sing, talk or breathe."

  • Said the CDC, "CDC continues to believe, based on current science, that people are more likely to become infected the longer and closer they are to a person with COVID-19."

  • The CDC added, "Today's update acknowledges the existence of some published reports showing limited, uncommon circumstances where people with COVID-19 infected others who were more than 6 feet away or shortly after the COVID-19-positive person left an area. In these instances, transmission occurred in poorly ventilated and enclosed spaces that often involved activities that caused heavier breathing, like singing or exercise. Such environments and activities may contribute to the buildup of virus-carrying particles."

  • Last month, the CDC published similar updated guidelines on its' website then suddenly reverted to previous guidelines saying that the updated guidelines were "a draft of proposed changes" that had been posted in error.

  • The updates come as Europe and the US face a large resurgence of Coronavirus cases with infections hitting record highs.

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