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Confirmation Hearings for Amy Coney Barrett are Underway

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

What's Happening:

  • Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, began Monday morning.

  • Barrett, a conservative federal appellate judge nominated by President Trump, is highly likely to be confirmed by the GOP-led Senate. If confirmed, she would fill the seat of late liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and establish a dominant 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

  • The hearings are expected to be contentious as Democrats have firmly opposed the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice during the election cycle, saying the nomination should wait until after the election.

  • Republicans and the President are rushing to confirm Amy Coney Barrett before the November election.

  • President Trump has gone on record saying that the November Presidential Election might well be decided by the Supreme Court, especially if he has doubt to the validity of the outcome and that it was very important to confirm the nomination as soon as possible.

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Photo Credit: Rachel Malehorn

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