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Congress Certifies Joe Biden’s Win After Pro-Trump Mob Is Removed From Capitol

What Happened:

  • Congress reconvened Wednesday night and certified the electoral college results formalizing Joe Biden’s win as President. The final tally for the electoral college was Biden - 306, Trump - 232.

  • The certification of the votes was interrupted earlier when a group of pro-Trump supporters turned violent and stormed the US Capitol. The mob violence resulted in an armed standoff with police and a lockdown of the building. At least 4 people died during yesterday’s events and multiple officers were injured.

  • Riot police were able to secure the building and expelled the Pro-Trump mob by around 3:30 PM EST. Congress reconvened shortly thereafter.

  • President Trump was criticized for his response to the riot and for having encouraged the crowd to march to the Capitol earlier.

  • After the breach of the Capitol, Trump tweeted asking people to be peaceful in their protest and later asking them to go home. However, many GOP lawmakers blame him for encouraging the mob earlier and even discussed removing him from the White House during his last two weeks of office by invoking the 25th amendment or through an impeachment.

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