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Congress Stimulus Package Negotiations Underway

What was said:

  • According to both sides, Tuesday's meeting between Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and White House negotiators Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin & WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was the most productive thus far.

  • Primary points of the stimulus negotiation include an extension on the Federal Unemployment Enhancement (the White House is proposing a lower rate of $400 per week vs the $600 per week offered in the previous stimulus package), an extension of the Eviction Moratorium and additional funds for State and Local Aid.

  • As negotiations continue, according to Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas), at least 20 Senate Republicans will not vote for a new Coronavirus stimulus deal: "I believe there will be at least 20-plus Republicans that are no-votes on whatever agreement, if there is an agreement, comes forward" says Gooden.

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