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Continued Protests in Belarus Lead to Mass Arrests

What Happened:

  • Protests in Belarus have been ongoing since Sunday in response to the Presidential election results confirming longtime President Alexander Lukashenko as the overwhelming winner over Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

  • Exit polls indicated that Lukashenko won 80% of the vote, but opposition groups claim the election was marred with fraud.

  • In response to the protests, the Belarus government has been enforcing mass arrests. As of Thursday, over 6,700 protesters have been detained including several of Tikhanovskaya's senior campaign members.

  • Now Lukashenko's government is being accused of using excessive force, violence, humiliation and even torture in response to the protesters. Multiple eyewitnesses say they have seen people severely beaten.

  • Hundreds of women lined a street in Minsk Thursday and protested the violence chanting "we are for peace."

  • UPDATE: Late last night, Belarusian authorities released about 1,000 of the people they detained from protests.

Photo Credit: Zdenek Fekar

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