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Coronavirus - Latest Updates

Latest Updates with the Coronavirus:

  • Global confirmed cases of Covid-19 have surpassed 20+ million and 750,000+ deaths.

  • The US is the hardest hit of all countries and has been averaging over 1,000 deaths per day for 17 days straight. The current total number of cases in the US is 5,246,760 and 167,052 deaths (a 3.18% mortality rate). Data from Johns-Hopkins.

  • Says Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "For your country right now and for the war that we're in against Covid, I'm asking you to do four simple things: wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands and be smart about crowds."

  • As schools reopen, the number of Covid-19 cases in children has risen across the country. Florida alone saw an increase of over 137% in Covid-19 cases in children under 17 from July 9 - August 9. The government has offered to provide 125 million masks to school districts around the US.

  • According to CNN (currently the only source with this story), Russian officials have offered to help the US in developing a Covid-19 vaccine but US officials have said "the US is not currently open" to the Russian medical advances citing concerns of "mistrust."

  • Russia announced on Tuesday that it had developed the first Covid-19 vaccine and Russian President Putin says he has already inoculated his daughter with it.

  • On Thursday, Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden called for governors to implement mask mandates for the next three months, saying that doing so would save 40,000 Americans' lives.

Photo Credit: Syaibatulhamdi

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