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Coronavirus - Latest Updates

Latest Updates with the Coronavirus:

  • Global confirmed cases of Covid-19 are at nearly 22.5 million and nearly 790,000 deaths.

  • The US continues to be the hardest hit of all countries with over 5.5 million cases and 173,000+ deaths. The US has been averaging over 1,000 deaths per day for 24 days straight (source Johns-Hopkins).

  • In positive news, several states across the US are seeing a decline in coronavirus cases (all but 12 states) and the daily average number of new Coronavirus cases across the nation has been declining for several weeks (source Johns-Hopkins). Officials warn that, despite the "curve" moving in the right direction, it is critical that we maintain proper safety protocols as that could "quickly change."

  • The number of Covid-19 cases in schools continue to rise across the country. Some colleges have closed their doors and sent students home again in light of outbreaks occurring on campus.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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