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Coronavirus Latest Updates - US Reaches 15 Million+ Cases

Latest Updates with the Coronavirus:

  • Global confirmed cases of Covid-19 has reached nearly 68 million and over 1.5 million deaths.

  • The US continues to be the hardest hit of all countries with over 15 million cases and 285,000+ deaths (Source: Johns Hopkins).

  • Just in this last week the US set three new records: the highest number of daily deaths, the highest number of daily new infections and the highest number of daily hospitalizations.

  • With several days in a row in which over 200,000 new cases were confirmed daily, the US finds itself on an extremely concerning trend leading to overwhelmed hospitals and new shutdown orders in certain states and cities.

  • Meanwhile, on Tuesday, an FDA advisory committee released a document confirming the efficacy and safety of Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine. The document confirmed that the vaccine’s efficacy was 95% seven days after the second dose.

  • The data will be taken into consideration by the FDA when it meets this week to discuss emergency use authorization of the vaccine. If approved, vaccines could start being administered within 24-48 hours of the decision.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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