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Coronavirus Surges Lead to New Lockdowns in Asia

What's Happening:

  • Several countries in the Asian-Pacific area are experiencing surges of Covid-19 infections, in some cases leading to new lockdowns and safety measures.

  • On Friday, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam all introduced new safety measures to try and slow the sudden surge in new cases.

  • Experts believe that the record number of new cases in the region is, in part, due to the more contagious Delta variant of the disease as well as low local vaccination numbers.

  • Indonesia has been particularly hard hit with their 7-day average of new cases and deaths more than doubling over the last week. A partial lockdown was imposed on July 3 to try and slow the spread.

  • Malaysia, which continues to be under a strict national lockdown, also saw a record number of new cases on Friday.

  • Overall, the numbers are still small in comparison to the United States, India and Brazil, but health experts are concerned that this could lead to yet another wave of infections.

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