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  • D. Brit

Covid-19 Rates in Children Steadily Increasing

What Happened:

  • As schools across the US start to reopen, Covid-19 rates in children are steadily increasing. Florida alone saw an increase of over 137% in Covid-19 cases in children under 17 from July 9 - August 9.

  • Updated CDC guidelines released on Friday say that "evidence suggests that children likely have the same or higher viral loads in their nasopharynx compared with adults and that children can spread the virus effectively in households and camp settings."

  • Over the last few weeks, thousands of students and school staff have been asked to quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus or being exposed to someone infected.

  • With an ongoing debate in the school community, with some pushing for a return to normalcy and others fearing a return to class could prove deadly, some teachers have actually opted to resign rather than risk contracting the virus.

Photo Credit Pixabay

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