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FBI Investigating if Recent H. Biden Emails are Tied to Russian Disinformation Campaign

What Happened:

  • The FBI is investigating whether recently published emails from the NY Post, that purport to detail the business dealings of Hunter Biden in the Ukraine, are connected to an ongoing Russian disinformation campaign targeting former vice president, Joe Biden.

  • The emails, which were released this week by the conservative-leaning NY Post, claim that Biden's son introduced his father, former Vice-President Joe Biden, to one of the top executives at the Ukrainian firm, Burisma Holdings. The authenticity of these emails has not been verified.

  • Several experts on foreign disinformation have warned that the NY Post articles have numerous red flags including how the emails were obtained and the digital metadata of the images.

  • A GOP-led Senate Committee is also investigating the authenticity of these emails. Last month, a GOP-led Senate probe investigating the Bidens' dealings in Ukraine concluded without uncovering any evidence of wrongdoing on the Bidens' part.

  • Many are criticizing that this latest email release and Senate Committee investigation are politically motivated and have no real merit.

Developing Story

Photo Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies

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