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FBI Investigating Robocall Campaign Telling Voters to "Stay Home"

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

What's Happening:

  • Voters in several states have been receiving a wave of robocalls and texts telling them to "stay safe and stay home" rather than go vote at the polls. The FBI is investigating this campaign to try and determine its' origin.

  • Election officials stress that, despite the pandemic, in-person voting is still a safe option and voters can securely cast their ballots on Election Day.

  • There have also been some disinformation calls suggesting that people "vote tomorrow" if they wish to avoid long lines today. Election Day is today only, Nov. 3rd, there will be no opportunities to vote tomorrow.

  • As of yet, there have been an estimated 10 million of these robocalls that have gone out across several states including New York, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Michigan.

  • The origin of the calls and texts remains unclear although the goal seems to be voter suppression.

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Photo Source: BA via Pixabay

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