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Florida Condo Collapses Resulting In At Least 4 Deaths - Updated

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

What Happened:

  • Early Thursday morning, a residential condo in Surfside, FL partially collapsed resulting in at least 4 deaths and at least 11 injuries. UPDATE: 159 people are still unaccounted for in the search-and-rescue operations.

  • More than 80 search-and-rescue units are on-site sorting through the debris searching for survivors.

  • Said Sgt. Marian Cruz of the Surfside Police Department, "We’re on the scene so it’s still very active. What I can tell you is the building is twelve floors. The entire back side of the building has collapsed."

  • Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said on the "Today Show", "Apparently when the building came down it pancaked, so there’s just not a lot of voids that they are finding or seeing from the outside...This is a catastrophic failure of that building."

Developing Story

Photo Source: Pixabay

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