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G7 Leaders Unveil Infrastructure Plan to Compete with China

What Happened:

  • On Saturday, G7 leaders unveiled an infrastructure plan designed to compete with China's development initiatives in underdeveloped countries.

  • President Biden has criticized China for its forced labor practices and is trying to persuade other G7 leaders to take a similar position so they can present a more unified front.

  • According to a senior Biden administration official, Canada, the UK and France are supportive of Biden's position whereas Germany, Italy and the European Union are more hesitant to create an adversarial public position against China.

  • The infrastructure proposal, named "Build Back Better for the World", recommends spending hundreds of billions of dollars in development while following climate standards and fair labor practices. The proposal is designed to compete with China's "Belt and Road Initiative" which has launched numerous projects around the world, especially in Africa and Asia.

Photo Source: G7 Organization

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