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Global Covid-19 Deaths Surpass 3 Million Benchmark

Latest Updates with the Coronavirus:

  • On Saturday, worldwide Covid-19 related deaths surpassed 3 million people. There have also been 140 million+ confirmed cases of Covid worldwide.

  • The US continues to be the hardest hit of all countries with over 31 million confirmed cases and 566,000+ deaths. (Source: Johns Hopkins).

  • Despite the vaccine rollout in the US having surpassed 200 million doses, experts warn that everyone should maintain proper safety measures to try and avoid a fourth wave of infections.

  • Worldwide, several countries such as Brazil, India and France are experiencing terrible surges in infection rates as global vaccination campaigns have encountered setbacks in distribution.

  • Global Covid-19 related deaths are on the rise again averaging about 12,000 people per day. Infection rates are also on the rise globally with about 700,000 new confirmed cases per day.

  • 2020 death rate data shows that Covid-19 has statistically affected worldwide death numbers.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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