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House Approves $25 Billion in Emergency Funding for USPS

What Happened:

  • The House approved $25 Billion in Emergency Funding for the USPS on Saturday. Part of the bill was a ban on recent operational changes that have led to record mail delays.

  • The bill passed largely along party lines 257-150. However, more than two dozen Republicans also supported the bill.

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) called the House back into session from summer recess last week to vote on the "emergency" bill.

  • President Trump has publicly stated he opposes mail-in voting and has opposed giving additional funding to the USPS saying that doing so would allow increased mail-in voting.

  • The White House issued a threat to veto on Friday if the bill was passed.

  • Many Trump opposition leaders have stated that the president is purposely trying to manipulate the post office for political gain, specifically by limiting mail-in voting.

  • Mail-in voting has become a much more popular option during the pandemic and polls show that Democrats plan to take advantage of mail-in voting at a higher rate than Republicans

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Photo Credit Martin Falbisoner

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