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House Approves $2.2 Trill. Covid Relief Plan from Democrats

What Happened:

  • On Thursday, the House of Representatives approved the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus relief proposal put forth by House Democrats on Monday.

  • The measure passed largely along party lines, 214-207. 18 Democrats crossed party lines to vote against the bill, all Republicans voted against the bill.

  • It is highly unlikely the bill will pass in the GOP-led Senate as Republicans consider it too costly.

  • Although there is no bi-partisan agreement for a second Covid-19 relief package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin continue to have talks to try and reach an agreement. Public pressure to reach an agreement and provide some sort of aid amid the pandemic crisis has been increasing over the last few weeks.

  • The White House said on Thursday they might be willing to negotiate a smaller $1.6 trillion package, however, Pelosi already said that proposal would fall short of what the American public needs.

  • The Trump administration is pushing for an agreement to be in place as soon as possible, especially pre-election.

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Photo Credit: United States Congress

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