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House GOP Members Block $2000 Stimulus Checks - Advance Different Proposal

What Happened:

  • On Thursday, House Democrats and House Republicans proposed different "unanimous consent" requests with no success.

  • House Democrats tried to advance a measure which would raise the stimulus checks in the new Covid-19 Relief Bill to $2,000 per person, rather than the $600 per person offered in the original bill. This meets part of President Trump's Tuesday request to amend the bill and raise the value of the stimulus checks.

  • House GOP members quickly blocked the measure and proposed a different measure asking to eliminate foreign aid from the bill. Also something President Trump requested on Tuesday.

  • House Democrats blocked the GOP measure in kind leading to a new stalemate and uncertainty as to when or if the new round of Covid-19 Relief will arrive.

  • President Trump has not officially vetoed the legislation leading some lawmakers to hope that he may still sign it as is, however, he may simply be "pocket vetoing" the legislation and hold onto it without making a decision.

  • The news of a deal having finally been reached, after months of negotiations, served as a great relief to the millions of Americans who are unemployed or in difficult financial situations. Trump's decision to not sign the legislation and request amendments at the 11th hour leaves many people in an uncertain situation as the economy recovery slows and unemployment rises once again.

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