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House Passes $900B Covid-19 Relief Bill

What's Happening:

  • On Monday evening, lawmakers in the House of Representatives passed a $900 Billion Covid-19 Relief Package.

  • The Bill will now go on to the Senate for approval together with a new massive $1.4 Trillion Government Spending Bill.

  • The bills are expected to pass quickly in the Senate as well.

  • The new bill will include a second round of stimulus checks of $600 per individual, an additional $300 per week in jobless benefits and up to $284 Billion for small business loans, amongst other measures

  • The news of a deal finally being reached after months of negotiations will serve as a great relief to the millions of Americans who currently find themselves unemployed or in difficult financial situations. New unemployment claims have gone up for 3 of the last 4 weeks indicating a "slow-down" in economic recovery.

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Photo Source: Lea Hope Bonzer

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