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Hurricane Laura Batters Gulf Coast - 1st Death Reported

What Happened:

  • Hurricane Laura made landfall early this morning as a Category 4 hurricane. It has now lowered to a CAT 1 hurricane.

  • The extent of the damage isn't known yet but Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says it is "extensive."

  • With storm surges exceeding 15-20 ft., major flooding and damage is expected in Louisiana and Southeast Texas.

Edwards Deputy Chief of Staff Christina Stephens tweeted "We do expect that there could be more fatalities."
  • The first reported fatality was a 14 year old girl in Louisiana who died when a tree fell on her home.

  • Nearly 470,000 homes and businesses are without power in Texas and Louisiana.

  • Louisiana has not been able to send rescue helicopters yet due to the high winds but 1,500 search and rescue personnel and 400 boats are on the way to the worst hit areas.

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