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It's Election Day - America Heads to the Polls

What's Happening:

  • With a record setting 100+ million ballots cast in early voting, Election Day turnout is expected to be very high for this contentious election, despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

  • The Presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives are all up for grabs, in terms of party control. For the Presidency, people will be keeping a close eye on the battleground states as those will determine the outcome of the election.

  • Officials warn that it is unlikely we will have a definitive outcome to the Presidential election today, especially with such a high number of mail-in ballots being used this year, because of the pandemic.

  • Officials have also expressed concern about security and potential civic unrest and have asked citizens to remain calm and patient as they go to the polls. Some businesses have gone so far as to board up their windows, concerned about potential unrest this evening.

  • Despite several complaints that the election should be finalized on election night, several experts have pointed out that, historically, we have never had the final results on election night.

  • The "results" reported by the media are projections that are typically confirmed by the states anywhere from 2 days to 30 days later, depending on the state's certification deadlines. The key difference this year is the media will not necessarily have enough information to make accurate projections.

  • On a personal note, please keep safe and please be respectful of others as you vote!

Photo Source: Pixabay

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