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Louisiana Prepares For A Strengthening Hurricane Ida

What's Happening:

  • Officials are warning residents that live along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico to prepare for strong winds, life-threatening storm surges and flooding when Hurricane Ida makes landfall on Sunday.

  • Hurricane Ida is currently a CAT 2 and is expected to bring winds as high as 130 mph. The National Hurricane Center is warning that the super-warm Gulf waters could increase Ida from a CAT 2 to an extremely dangerous CAT 4 over the next 18 hours.

  • Louisiana, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina 16 years ago, is right in the path of Ida and residents are being strongly encouraged to evacuate. The only reason the evacuation isn't mandatory is because the hurricane strengthened so quickly, officials weren't able to prepare evacuation routes in time.

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