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Massive Wildfires Continue to Ravage Pacific Northwest

What Happened:

  • At least 24 people have died from the massive wildfires burning throughout the Pacific Northwest in California, Oregon and Washington State.

  • The number of people ordered to evacuate in Oregon rose to 500,000 today (more than 10% of Oregon's population).

  • The scale and scope of the wildfires, which have been burning for several weeks now, is unprecedented. Over 3,000,000 acres have burned in just California and 3 of the 5 largest wildfires in state history are still burning. Huge portions of Washington and Oregon are also on fire.

  • Many scientists are saying this is a direct impact of climate change and that the consequent dry conditions, heat waves, and lightning storms are extremely conducive to creating and spreading wildfires.

  • The wildfires and smoke have led to the appearance of "alien"-like orange skies throughout the Northwest.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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