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NATO Leaders Say China Presents a Global Security Challenge

What Happened:

  • On Monday, NATO leaders said that China presents a constant security challenge and that NATO allies must present a more unified front against China's military, trade and human rights practices.

  • In a statement, NATO leaders said that China's goals and "assertive behavior present...challenges to the rules-based international order and to...alliance security."

  • The message from NATO leaders echoes President Biden's recent stance on China. The 30 heads of state and government called on China to act more responsibly and uphold its international commitments.

  • Despite the statement, many NATO leaders were careful in how they spoke of China. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear that China is an important trading partner and that they must "find the right balance" through political discourse.

  • Security issues presented by Russia and Russia's close ties with China were also brought up by some NATO leaders, including French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel.

  • Biden reaffirmed the USA's commitment to NATO as well, a drastic shift after former President Trump declared the alliance "obsolete."

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