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North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Into Sea

What Happened:

  • On Tuesday, North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile into the sea. The missile launch came hours after the US reaffirmed their interest in resuming diplomatic talks about North Korea's nuclear program.

  • Negotiations have been stalled for over 2 years as the US says they must discuss North Korea's nuclear program first and North Korea is unwilling to come to the table unless US sanctions are ceased.

  • The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff say the short-range missile was launched at sea from the eastern port of Sinpo. They believe the launch was made from a submarine.

  • The Japanese military says that they believe at least two missiles were launched.

  • North Korea has continued to develop its ballistic missile and nuclear program while diplomatic talks between the US and North Korea are on pause.

Photo Source: Stefan Krasowski

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