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Officer Involved in Shooting of Jacob Blake Will Not Face Charges

What Happened:

  • On Tuesday, prosecutors announced that Rusten Sheskey, the Wisconsin police officer involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake last year, will not face criminal charges. The two other officers involved in the incident will not face charges either.

  • Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Gravely made the announcement saying that more than 40 hours of video and hundreds of pages of police reports were reviewed before the decision was made.

  • Blake's shooting last year led to multiple days of unrest and resulted in two fatal shootings.

  • Blake was shot seven times at close range by Officer Sheskey when he ignored repeated commands and tried to enter his SUV. Originally, based on the video footage, it was thought that Blake was unarmed at the time of the shooting but it was later revealed that he was wielding a knife during the altercation. The shooting resulted in Blake's paralyzation.

  • The shooting came during a period of tremendous public outcry over police violence against the Black community, following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

  • Blake's family attorney, Ben Crump released a statement saying they are disappointed in the decision saying it further destroys "trust in our justice system."

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