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2 Officers Shot in Unrest Following Taylor Case Decision

What's Happening:

  • There are nationwide protests occurring after today's decision to not charge any officers directly with Breonna Taylor's death. The Kentucky National Guard has been deployed to Louisville as protesters take to the streets amid a county-wide curfew.

  • The Louisville police announced Wednesday night that two officers have been wounded in a shooting. No additional details have been provided.

  • Today's long-awaited grand jury decision comes more than 6 months after Taylor was fatally shot. The Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced Wednesday that 1 of the 3 officers involved in the shooting will be indicted on criminal charges. The other two officers will not be indicted.

  • None of the officers were charged with the death of Taylor which has led to massive unrest nationwide.

  • Taylor, an EMT, was shot and killed by police in her apartment six months ago following the execution of a no-knock search warrant.

  • Her death is one of the many that have led to widespread protests throughout the nation against police brutality and systemic racism.

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