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People Over 75 and Essential Workers Next in Line for Vaccine

What Happened:

  • On Sunday, a federal advisory panel recommended that people over 75 and essential workers like teachers, grocery store workers, police, firefighters, public transit workers, etc. be next in line for Covid-19 vaccine shots. An estimated 50 million people nationwide.

  • The first people to receive vaccinations are healthcare workers and long term care facility members and staff, an estimated 24 million people nationwide. According to the CDC, over half a million Americans have received initial vaccine shots in the last week, since the vaccination program started.

  • With a second vaccine from Moderna having been approved by the FDA for emergency use authorization, the government hopes to start getting the pandemic more under control. Pfizer and BioNTech's vaccine was the first to receive emergency use authorization from the FDA.

  • The rollout will still take several months, the CDC estimates that roughly 20 million Americans will receive the first round of vaccinations in December, another 30 million in January and 50 million in February.

  • The recommendation from the panel now goes to the CDC Director and to states as guidance for the vaccination programs.

Photo Source: Fernando Zhiminaicela

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