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President Biden Extends Ban on Housing Foreclosures

What Happened:

  • President Biden has extended the ban on housing foreclosures until June 30. The previous moratorium on foreclosures was set to expire on March 31. The extension is meant to help homeowners who are going through financial difficulties because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • In positive news, the number of new daily Coronavirus cases is trending downward in nearly every state. On Monday, Johns Hopkins reported nearly 54K new cases nationwide. A significant drop-off from the peak numbers of 250-300K new cases per day we were seeing in early January and late December.

  • With the post-Holiday surge now seemingly over and the vaccine rollout ramping up to about 1.7 million vaccines per day, scientists are hopeful that we've made it through the worst of the pandemic. However, they warn us to continue to practice proper safety measures so we may maintain this downward trend.

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