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Presidential Election Too Close to Call - 7 States Will Decide Outcome

What's Happening:

  • The Presidential Election remains undecided Wednesday morning as 7 battleground states continue to count an estimated 3.1 million ballots (UPDATED 10:25 AM EST): Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia. The overall popular vote is currently in Biden's favor, with Biden leading 50.2% to Trump's 48.3%.

  • The delay is unsurprising as many analysts predicted it would take several days before we would have a final tally of the votes, especially with the high number of mail-in ballots used this year because of the pandemic.

  • Biden spoke to voters last night saying his campaign felt good so far and that they would decide the outcome.

  • As predicted by many media outlets, Trump declared victory while several million votes are still pending in battleground states and said he would take the decision to the Supreme Court.

  • Overall, the election was much closer than exit polls originally predicted with Trump performing well in several key states that analysts thought might be up for grabs, such as Florida and Texas.

Despite the tight election, there have been no surprise "flipped" states thus far, here is the current vote breakdown in each of the battleground states - UPDATED 10:25 AM EST:

evada - Biden leads Trump 49.3% to 48.7% - An estimated 86% of the vote has been tallied

Arizona - Biden leads Trump 51% to 47.6% - An estimated 86% of the vote has been tallied

Wisconsin - Biden leads Trump 49.4% to 48.8% - An estimated 97% of the vote has been tallied

Michigan - Biden leads Trump 49.3% to 49.1% - An estimated 90% of the vote has been tallied

Pennsylvania - Trump leads Biden 54.3% to 44.3% - An estimated 77% of the vote has been tallied

North Carolina - Trump leads Biden 50.1% to 48.6% - An estimated 95% of the vote has been tallied

Georgia - Trump leads Biden 50.5% to 48.3% - An estimated 92% of the vote has been tallied

  • As of Wednesday morning at 10:25 AM EST, an estimated 3.1 million ballots (mostly mail-in ballots) still need to be counted so these numbers are far from final and any of these states is still potentially "up for grabs." The Biden campaign is hoping that the high number of pending mail-in ballots, which analysts believe will weigh in favor of Democrats, will push him ahead in some of these states. Trump is hoping that the Supreme Court will call the election in his favor and that the pending votes won't count towards the total.

  • Meanwhile, in the House and Senate races, there have been no major changes. Although some seats have been flipped by both sides, as the final numbers come in, it increasingly looks as if the Democrats will retain control of the House and the Republicans will retain control of the Senate. Several votes are still being tallied so the projected numbers may change.

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