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Republicans in Wayne County, MI Wish to Rescind Votes to Certify Election Results

What Happened:

  • On Wednesday, the two Republicans on the Board of Canvassers from Wayne County, Michigan, announced that they wish to rescind their votes to certify the presidential election results.

  • This is the second reversal made by the two. In an earlier vote on Tuesday, they had originally blocked the certification before later reversing course and voting to certify the results.

  • The two Republicans, Monica Palmer and William C. Hartmann, say they were bullied into their decision on Tuesday after being called racists for raising concerns about voting discrepancies in predominantly black communities.

  • In an affidavit, Palmer said she faced “accusations of racism” and felt there were possible threats to her family.

  • In his affidavit, Hartmann said that he observed that many of Detroit's Absent Voter Counting Boards "were left unbalanced and...unexplained."

  • Wayne County is Michigan's largest county and a significant contributor the the 148,000 vote margin that Biden has over Trump. Biden won 587,074 votes in Wayne County vs Trump's 264,149.

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