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Rescue Efforts Intensify at Surfside Condo as Tropical Storm Elsa Approaches

What Happened:

  • Search-and-rescue efforts at the Surfside Condo collapse site have grown more urgent as Tropical Storm Elsa approaches.

  • Said Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett, "We're now at 100% full strength, full-on pulling everybody out of that rubble pile."

  • On Sunday, demolition crews set off explosives to destroy the remaining portion of the South Florida condo as operators were concerned how the incoming storm could affect the already precarious structure.

  • Search-and-rescue operations resumed just a few hours later in the hopes of finding survivors in areas that were previously difficult to access.

  • So far, rescuers have recovered the remains of 28 people from the rubble; 117 people are still missing.

  • The entire backside of the 12 story residential condo collapsed 10 days ago in what the Mayor called a "catastrophic failure."

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