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Robinhood Narrows Trade Restrictions to 8 Companies

What Happened:

  • On Sunday, Robinhood narrowed its stock trade restrictions to just 8 companies: GameStop, Koss Corporation, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Express Inc., Naked Brands Group, Genius Brands International, BlackBerry Limited, and Nokia Corp.

  • For these specific companies, investors will be limited in terms of the number of shares they may purchase and in the number of options contracts.

  • The restrictions come in response to the sub-Reddit thread "Wallstreetbets" which has generated an historic spike in trading on certain stocks, particularly GameStop which is up over 1,500% since the beginning of the year. Large investors and hedge funds who were attempting to short the stock (earn a return as the value of the stock falls) are particularly upset at the interference and concerns of market manipulation have been brought up by the SEC and Congress.

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Photo Source: Robinhood

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