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Senate Passes Budget Resolution - 1 Step Closer to Passing Covid-19 Relief Bill

What Happened:

  • Early Friday morning, the Senate passed a budget resolution which will allow Democrats to pass President Biden's Covid-19 Relief Package without a filibuster from the GOP. Now Democrats will be able to use "budget reconciliation" to pass the relief bill on a party-line vote.

  • The measure passed purely along party lines with a 51-50 final vote tally, Vice-President Harris was the tie-breaker.

  • The resolution was passed in the "Vote-a-rama", a ritual in which senators offer amendments to budget resolutions and are able to get politicians on the record about controversial issues.

  • The Senate also agreed overwhelmingly to an amendment that "upper income taxpayers" would not be eligible to receive the $1,400 Covid-19 relief checks in Biden's bill. The final vote was 99-1.

  • The Senate also discussed the increase of minimum wage to $15. Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa (R) was concerned about an increase of the minimum wage during the pandemic. Senator Bernie Sanders, chair of the Budget Committee, explained that the increase would happen over five years and not immediately.

  • UPDATE: The House has now voted and passed the amended budget resolution the Senate passed early Friday morning.

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