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Senate Republicans Vote to Block Capitol Riot Probe

What Happened:

  • On Friday, Senate Republicans voted against the formation of a bipartisan panel to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot.

  • The final vote was 54 in favor to 35 against. 60 votes were needed to approve the House-passed bill.

  • The vote came at the end of a day filled with emotional testimonials from police officers and from the family of one police officer who was killed during the riot, all in favor of the investigation.

  • 6 Republicans voted with Democrats to move forward with the probe. 11 Senators did not take part in the vote - 9 Republicans and 2 Democrats.

  • Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who originally said former President Trump was responsible for provoking the attack on the Capitol and that he was open to an investigation into the riot, changed his stance this week saying he believed the evenly-split bipartisan panel’s findings would be used against the GOP politically.

  • Several Republicans have downplayed the violence of the riot in what many consider to be a show of loyalty to former President Trump, who is against the probe. One House Republican compared the deadly riot to “a normal tourist visit.”

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