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Supreme Court Rejects GOP Attempt to Invalidate Biden Win in PA

What Happened:

  • On Tuesday, the Supreme Court denied the Pennsylvania GOP's request to block certification of the election results and invalidate Joe Biden's victory in the state.

  • The order was issued with no dissents from any of the justices.

  • Tuesday is the "safe harbor" deadline under Federal Law. Under the "safe harbor" guidelines, when Congress tallies the electoral college votes, they must accept the results that were certified before the deadline. As it stands, all states except Wisconsin have met the "safe harbor" federal deadline.

  • Wisconsin still has pending litigation brought forth by the Trump campaign which is set to be argued in a State Circuit Court on Thursday.

  • The Supreme Court's quick denial (the final brief for the PA GOP lawsuit was filed Tuesday afternoon) leads many to believe that the Trump campaign will have a difficult time overturning the election results and President-Elect Joe Biden's victory.

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