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Supreme Court to Hear Challenges to Texas' Restrictive Abortion Law

What Happened:

  • On Monday, the Supreme Court Justices will hear arguments as to whether Texas' restrictive abortion law conflicts with landmark Supreme Court rulings on abortion rights.

  • The Texas state law, which was signed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott back in May, prohibits abortions once cardiac activity is detected, typically about six weeks for most pregnancies. The law also allows private citizens to file lawsuits against violators which has led many abortion service providers to be very wary of breaking the new law. It does not provide exemptions for victims of rape or incest.

  • The Justice Department is arguing that the Texas law conflicts with Supreme Court rulings that prevent a state from banning abortions early on in the pregnancy

  • Planned Parenthood clinics have seen nearly an 80% decrease since the law took effect and many neighboring states are having a surge of new patients from Texas.

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