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Taliban Enters Afghanistan Capital and Seeks Surrender of Current Government

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

What's Happening:

  • On Sunday, the Taliban entered the Afghanistan capital city of Kabul to seek the unconditional surrender of the central government.

  • In a swift offensive, the Taliban managed to gain control of nearly all of Afghanistan in just over a week.

  • Suhail Shaheen, spokesman for the Taliban, said they “are awaiting a peaceful transfer of Kabul city.”

  • Many civilians have fled the country over the last few days fearful that the Taliban would reimpose the brutal rule they once maintained.

  • The Taliban has been on an aggressive offensive since President Biden decided to pull US troops out of the country a few months back. The insurgent group has swiftly captured territory to regain the control they had before US troops invaded back in 2001.

  • The US has said they have no plans of re-entering the country and have evacuated US citizens from the US embassy.

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