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Taliban Overruns Several Provincial Capitals in Afghanistan

What's Happening:

  • On Wednesday, the Taliban overran three more provincial capitals in Afghanistan giving them control over roughly 2/3 of the country. They have now overtaken nine provincial capitals.

  • Since President Biden decided to pull US troops out of the country a few months back, the Taliban has been swiftly capturing territory to try and regain the control they had before US troops invaded back in 2001.

  • The US-trained Afghan defense forces are trying to combat the insurgent group but have had little success thus far.

  • The US has said they have no plans of re-entering the country with Biden telling reporters that US troops have done all they could over the past 20 years to assist the Afghans.

  • The US continues to support Afghan troops with limited airstrikes, however, that is set to end on Aug. 31st when the US formally ends its role in the war.

  • Although several military officials warned President Biden that a pullout could result in a Taliban takeover, the President still felt it was the right decision.

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