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Trump Likely to Face Impeachment Again

What's Happening:

  • According to several sources, House Democrats plan to introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump on Monday.

  • The articles of impeachment will likely revolve around President Trump's handling of Wednesday's Pro-Trump riot at the US Capitol which resulted in an armed standoff, multiple injuries, several arrests and at least 5 deaths.

  • On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) called on Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Trump from office for the remainder of his term. Pelosi said that if there was no concrete response from Pence, impeachment would be a possibility.

  • This would be the second time the House introduced articles of impeachment against Trump. In December of 2019, the House impeached Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, however, the then GOP-controlled Senate acquitted him on both charges last February.

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