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Trump Plans to Host Rallies to Support Election Lawsuits

What's Happening:

  • The Trump campaign is planning on hosting a series of rallies that will be focused on his ongoing litigation to challenge the results of the Presidential Election, which he lost.

  • Trump says that he has evidence of deceased people voting and claims election fraud.

  • The campaign is seeking recounts in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

  • Since Biden's confirmation as the next President-Elect of the United States on Saturday, the Trump campaign has promised further legal action to challenge the results of the election and Trump has refused to concede the loss.

  • On Sunday, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said that two additional lawsuits were being drafted and would be added to the pending litigation in Pennsylvania.

  • Historically, voter fraud has been extremely rare and minimal leading most legal experts to be doubtful of the claims.

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