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Trump Says He Will Leave Office If Electoral College Seats Biden

What Happened:

  • On Thursday, President Trump said he would leave office if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden; but made it clear that he still believes there was "massive fraud" in the election and that he will continue to pursue legal action to overturn the preliminary results.

  • Trump currently has multiple ongoing lawsuits in various states challenging the election results. Said Trump, "A lot of things [are] happening between now and Jan. 20."

  • Trump added, "It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede."

  • This was a difficult week for Trump's legal team as Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada all certified their election results naming Biden as the winner.

  • After Federal Judge Brann dismissed Trump's election lawsuit in PA for lack of evidence, his legal team appealed the case to the Supreme Court in hopes that they will overturn the lower court's decision.

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