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Trump Suit in WI Claims Absentee Voting 'Abuse' Affected 220K Ballots

What Happened:

  • On Tuesday, the Trump campaign will be filing a lawsuit with the Wisconsin Supreme Court alleging abuse of the absentee voting regulations of the state. The campaign claims that the alleged abuse affected approximately 220,000 ballots.

  • The lawsuit comes after a partial recount, paid for by Trump, was completed and Gov. Tony Evers certified Wisconsin's election results and Joe Biden as the winner in the state.

  • In an interview with Fox News, former Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Jim Troupis, who leads Trump's Wisconsin legal team, said, "Exposing exactly how the election processes were abused in Wisconsin holds enormous value for this election...the fact is, our state’s electoral votes likely won’t change the overall outcome. Regardless, we’re demonstrating that the results of this election unequivocally ought to be questioned."

  • The lawsuit claims that tens of thousands of votes were cast "well outside of the bounds of Wisconsin law." Trump's legal team claims that there were altered-certification absentee ballot envelopes, missing absentee ballot applications and unlawful claims of indefinite confinement.

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